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ABOUT JELD-WEN D E D I C A T I O N F R O M D A Y O N E Since 1960, when JELD-WEN began with a single millwork plant, we’ve been dedicated to crafting windows and patio doors that enhance the beauty and functionality of people’s homes. Today we continue that tradition, driven by innovation to create an exceptional range of windows and doors that are durable, well designed, and engineered to perform for years to come. Reusing and recycling as many of our raw resources as possible, and employing responsible reforestation practices, JELD-WEN is committed to bettering the lives of people, while protecting our planet.

TABLE OF CONTENTS I NTRODUCT ION 5 FEATURES & BENEF I TS 6 OPERAT I NG T YPES 8 OPT IONS F i n i she s 10 Ha rdwa re 11 Gl as s 12 Sc reens 13 Di v i ded L i te s 14 WARRANT Y 16


AURAL I NE® WI NDOWS & PAT I O DOORS | 5 AURALINE®. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS . AURAL INE® TRUE COMPOS I TE WINDOWS AND PAT IO DOORS DEL IVER LUXURY AND ENERGY EFF I C I ENCY FOR LESS . The long-awaited alternative to vinyl and wood, Auraline® True Composite windows and patio doors blend the beauty of wood with strength and durability that surpasses vinyl, so homeowners can enjoy the luxury look for less. WHAT I S AURAL INE® TRUE COMPOS I TE? A true composite blends a structural fiber, such as reclaimed wood fiber, with synthetic polymers and co-extruded color, to create a highly durable material that looks like wood but requires no painting, and little maintenance. Twice as rigid as vinyl, true composite installs cleanly and prevents warping and sagging over time. Auraline® True Composite by JELD-WEN is the next generation composite, offering slimmer sight lines, architecturally correct design, and co-extruded pigment for fade- and scratch-resistant color.

6 | J ELD -WEN .COM FEATURES & BENEF I TS The proven technology of industry-leading composite decking, optimized to create beautiful, durable windows and patio doors that work in all climates. 1 TRUE COMPOS I TE MATER I AL Extruded mix of wood fiber and synthetic polymer is the new alternative to wood and vinyl 2 2X AS R I G I D AS V I NYL True composite feels solid and secure and maintains its shape 3 UP TO 28% MORE V I S I BL E GL ASS Slimmer sight lines means expansive glass and more natural light 4 ENERGY EF F I CI ENCY COMES STANDARD Our standard glass package is 38% more efficient than a basic glass package 5 CONTEMPORARY, ARCH I TECTURAL LY CORRECT DES I GN With unobstructed sight lines, Auraline® delivers the clean lines and luxury look of contemporary wood windows 6 MECHAN I CAL LY FASTENED CORNERS WI TH NO WELDS Clean corners look and feel like high-end wood windows 7 CO - EX TRUDED, FUL LY BONDED COLOR Low maintenance, with no painting required, Auraline® products are scratch-resistant and won’t flake or peel 8 DES I GN OP T I ONS Choose from a variety of operating types and colors to create the right look for any home


8 | J ELD -WEN .COM OPERAT ING TYPES Auraline® True Composite windows are available in operating types to suit a variety of home styles, conditions, and climates. S INGLE-HUNG* Single-hung windows feature a removable side- load bottom sash that lifts ver tically towards a fixed top sash. *Even s i ght l i ne s op t i on ava i l ab l e . CASEMENT Hinged at the side, this window opens up design options for many rooms in the home. AWNING This versatile style is hinged at the top to open out from the bottom in an upward swing. DI RECT SET, GEOMETRI C , AND RADIUS Direct set windows enable wide-open views with minimal disruption. 2- & 3 - PANEL SL IDING WINDOW Sliding windows feature one stationary sash and one that opens horizontally to the left or right. These stylish slider windows allow maximum ventilation and ease of use. MULLED UNI TS AVAI LABLE IN ALL WINDOW OPERAT ING TYPES Our factory mulled units contain continuous head and sill construction that improves per formance in the field. W I N D O W S

AURAL I NE® WI NDOWS & PAT I O DOORS | 9 2- , 3 - & 4 - PANEL SL IDING PAT IO DOORS Available in multiple panel configurations to fit a variety of home sizes and styles. For sizing information, visit or speak with your JELD-WEN sales representative. PG35 standard, PG50, and LC-rated options available. P A T I O D O O R S

10 | J ELD -WEN .COM F INISHES A key benefit of Auraline® True Composite is its co-extruded, fully bonded color, which means the color is built in, for lasting, low-maintenance beauty. There’s no painting required, and the color is both fade- and scratch-resistant. E X T E R I O R / I N T E R I O R C O L O R O P T I O N S * Black White *Sp l i t f i n i sh not ava i l ab l e Ac tua l co l o r s may va r y f rom s amp l e s shown due to p r i nt i ng p ro ce s s and /o r d i f f e r i ng mon i to r c a l i b r a t i ons .

AURAL I NE® WI NDOWS & PAT I O DOORS | 11 HARDWARE Our hardware is designed to enhance the look and style of your windows and patio doors while ensuring smooth, effortless operation. W I N D O W S * P A T I O D O O R S CASEMENT / AWN I NG Folding Nested Contemporary Lock SL I D I NG Standard Handle S I NGL E - HUNG / SL I D I NG Cam-lock *Wi ndow Open i ng Cont ro l Dev i ce op t i ons ava i l ab l e . H A R D W A R E F I N I S H O P T I O N S FLUSH MOUNT Also available with flush patio door hardware for a sleek look and larger clear opening. Black White Satin Nickel Ac tua l co l o r s may va r y f rom s amp l e s shown due to p r i nt i ng p ro ce s s and /o r d i f f e r i ng mon i to r c a l i b r a t i ons .

12 | J ELD -WEN .COM This innovative coating can be used in combination with other energy-efficient glasses to amplify heat retention without sacrificing light transmittance. Create a comfortable home in the coldest climates with a HeatSave™ interior coating. HEATSAVE™ INTERIOR LOW- E COAT ING Exper tly engineered to improve energy efficiency in colder climates, SunFlow™ glass allows the sun’s heat to penetrate through the glass and keep your house warm while simultaneously preventing heat loss to keep you comfor table year-round. SUNFLOW™ LOW- E INSULAT ING GLASS SunStable™ Low-E insulating glass is designed to be versatile, energy efficient, and a great solution for homes in a wide range of climates. This glass type balances visible light and thermal per formance for energy savings and improved comfor t year-round. SUNSTABLE™ LOW- E INSULAT ING GLASS SunResist™ glass is designed to prevent the weather out side from inf luencing how comfor table you are in your home. This insulat ing glass is ideal for those in warmer cl imates and is engineered to keep the sun’s harmful UV rays out of your home whi le retaining heat indoors in the winter. SUNRES I ST™ LOW- E INSULAT ING GLASS D E C O R A T I V E G L A S S O P T I O N S CLEAR AND TEXTURED GLASS Reed Satin Etch Rain Obscure Clear *H i gh A l t i tude and A r gon op t i ons ava i l ab l e GLASS Slimmer sight lines are a signature of Auraline® True Composite, with up to 28% more visible glass. Our performance options are available in expansive glass panels, to maximize natural light and bring the beautiful outdoors in. P E R F O R M A N C E G L A S S O P T I O N S *

AURAL I NE® WI NDOWS & PAT I O DOORS | 13 DI RT- RES I STANT This upgrade option reduces surface friction, which allows water runoff and reduces water spots and dirt residue. Silver Black SCREENS Auraline® screens are available in a variety of options to maximize enjoyment of your windows and patio doors year-round. Climate, sun and heat exposure, aesthetic preferences, and, of course, the prevalence of insects in your area, will help determine the best screen solution for your needs. Our standard package includes a fiberglass mesh screen. Or upgrade to a BetterVue® mesh screen, which is designed to keep more insects outside while improving airflow and visibility. SPACER OPT IONS

14 | J ELD -WEN .COM DI V IDED L I TES Add architectural interest to your windows with one of our decorative options: simulated divided lites (SDL) for an authentic divided-lite look, or maintenance-free grilles between the glass (GBG). COLONIAL TRANSOM PRAI RI E GLASS PRAI RI E FRAME

AURAL I NE® WI NDOWS & PAT I O DOORS | 15 S I M U L A T E D D I V I D E D L I T E S ( S D L ) Bars are permanently adhered to both the interior and exterior glass for a “paned” window look. A shadow bar between the panes of glass creates a more authentic appearance. Contour, Putty, and Flat SDL are available in 5/8", 7/8", or 1-1/8" Flat Contour Putty G R I L L E S B E T W E E N T H E G L A S S ( G B G ) Style without the upkeep: The grilles are placed between the panes of glass, leaving a smooth glass surface for easy cleaning. Flat is available in 5/8", 7/8", or 1" Contour is available in 7/8" or 1" Flat Contour

JELD-WEN® Products1 are designed to create lasting value for your home. This warranty is effective for all JELD-WEN window and patio door Products (except United Collection products) manufactured on or after June 1, 2019 for use in the United States and Canada. Any previous warranties will continue to apply to products manufactured by JELD-WEN prior to this date. For additional information, including care and maintenance instructions, installation instructions, and previous warranties, refer to or What This Warranty COVERS Except as set forth in the Special Coverages section below, we warrant that if your JELD-WEN Product exhibits a defect in material or workmanship within the time periods from the date of manufacture as specified below, we will, at our option, repair, replace or refund the purchase price of the Product or component part. Skilled labor2 (where deemed necessary by us) to repair or replace any component is provided as specified below. Wood & Metal Clad Wood Composite Vinyl and Metal Clad Vinyl Aluminum Basic Product Coverage Owner-Occupied Single-Family Residence 20 years 10 years; glass is covered for 20 years as long as you own and occupy your residence 10 years Basic Product Coverage Commercial (Other than Owner-Occupied SingleFamily Residence) 20 years 10 years 10 years 2 years Skilled Labor2 Coverage 2 years 2 years 2 years 1 year Transferability - the maximum length of any coverage when you sell your residence or it becomes occupied by other than the original owner 10 years 10 years 10 years Non-transferable Special Coverages (Applies to both Owner-Occupied and Commercial) The following Special Coverages apply to special product features and options; not all options are available on all products or in all regions. Glass Options Coverage Notes Triple-Glazed Glass Units 20 years Includes the glass panes and the insulating seal. ImpactGard® Glass Units 10 years Special Glazings 5 years Includes laminated glass units other than ImpactGard, and glass options not listed in our product literature, e.g., leaded or decorative glass. Blinds/Shades Between the Glass 10 years Includes the seal, external control mechanism, and operation of the shade/blind. Stress Cracks 1 year Applies to sealed glass units installed in windows and patio doors. Laminated glass and special glazings are excluded. Coverage includes replacement glass and skilled labor2 necessary to replace the glass. Stress cracks occur when the glass develops a crack without sign of impact. Accidental Glass Breakage Same as the Basic Product Coverage above (OwnerOccupied or Commercial) Applies to Products ordered with tdouble strength or thicker glass. Not covered: damage attributable to acts of nature (e.g. fire, hurricane, etc.), civil disorder, building settling, structural failures of walls or foundations or improper installation, construction job-site mishaps, storage, or handling. Special glazings and ImpactGard glass are not covered by this glass breakage warranty. Finish Options Coverage Notes Clad Finish on Metal Clad Exteriors AAMA 2605: 30 years AAMA 2603/2604: 10 years Anodized: 5 years Coverage is for peeling, checking, cracking, or exhibiting excessive chalk, fade or color change3. Clad products installed within one mile of a salt-water source (for example, an ocean or salt lake) or other corrosive environment require additional and specific maintenance requirements. Refer to our full care and maintenance instructions. Factory Interior Finish on Wood Products 1 year Coverage is for peeling, checking, or cracking. Should the factory interior finish be proven defective within this time period, we will at our option, replace or refinish the component or product, or offer a refinish credit up to $50 per opening for windows or $100 per opening for patio doors. This coverage applies to factoryapplied finish coat options only; standard factory-applied primer is not a finish coat. Colored and Laminated Surfaces on Vinyl and Composite Products 10 years Coverage is for peeling, blistering, or flaking, and excessive color change3. This coverage does not extend to discoloration, polish, surface damage, or alteration caused by the use of natural or chemical solvents or an environmental factor causing such damage. JELD-WEN® WINDOW & PATIO DOOR LIMITED WARRANTY OUR WARRANTY TO YOU... Continued on next page 16 | J ELD -WEN .COM

Other Special Coverages Coverage Notes AuraLast® Protection for Wood Products Owner-Occupied Single-Family Residence: as long as you own and occupy your residence Coverage is for wood decay and/or termite damage in pine wood components. Warranty coverage outside Canada, the contiguous 48 states and Alaska is contingent upon approval from the JELD-WEN Customer Care Department. Please contact us. Commercial: 20 years Custom Fiberglass Door Slabs As long as you own and occupy your residence Factory Prefinish on Custom Fiberglass Doors 10 years Should the factory prefinish be proven defective, we will at our option refinish the door or pay up to $350.00 per opening to the current owner. Electric Operators 1 year Coverage includes replacement parts and skilled labor necessary to replace the operator for one year. Retractable Roll Screens 5 years How To Get Assistance If you have a problem with your JELD-WEN Product, contact the dealer/distributor or contractor from whom you purchased your product or contact us directly: In the United States: In Eastern Canada: In Western Canada: In Ontario Canada Mail: JELD-WEN Customer Care Attn: Warranty Claims P.O. Box 1329 Klamath Falls, OR 97601 JELD-WEN Service Dept 90, rue Industrielle Saint-Apollinaire, Quebec Canada GOS 2EO JELD-WEN Service Dept 550 Munroe Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R2K 4H3 JELD-WEN Service Dept 90 Stone Ridge Road Vaughan, Ontario Canada L4H 3G9 Phone: 888-JWHelpU 888-594-3578 800-463-1930 888-945-5627 204-668-8230 800-440-2714 905-265-5700 Fax: 800-436-5954 888-998-1599 204-663-1072 905-265-5704 E-mail: Web: We can respond quickly and efficiently if you provide the following: a) product identification (from the original order/invoice, spacer code, permanent label, or the window identification number found on corner of glass), b) how to contact you, c) the address where the product can be inspected, and d) a description of the apparent problem and the product (photographs are helpful). What We Will Do Upon receiving your notification, we will send out an acknowledgement within three business days to the contact, which you have provided. We will investigate your claim and will begin to take appropriate action within 30 days after receipt of notification. If your warranty claim is denied, we may charge an inspection fee for an onsite inspection that is required or requested by you. If your claim is approved, and we choose to repair or replace the product or a component of the product, the replacement product/ component will be provided in the same specification as the original product or its nearest equivalent current product. Replacement components/products are warranted for the balance of the original product warranty or 90 days, whichever is longer. If the claimed nonconformity is warp of a door slab, we may defer repairing or replacing the door slab for a period up to twelve (12) months from the date of claim. It is not uncommon for a temporary warp condition to occur as the door slab adjusts to local humidity and temperature conditions. This deferral will not be counted against the warranty period. What This Warranty Does NOT Cover JELD-WEN is not liable for damage, product failure or poor product performance due to: • Normal wear and tear, including normal wear and tear of weatherstrip; natural weathering of surfaces. Variance in color or texture of natural wood parts, and natural tarnishing of copper cladding are not considered defects. • Normal wear and tear to hardware and naturally occurring changes to hardware finishes (e.g., corrosion or tarnishing). • Exposure to chemicals (e.g. brick wash) or a harsh environment (e.g. salt spray or airborne pollutants) unless otherwise stated above. • Misuse, abuse or failure to properly finish and provide maintenance. • Alteration or modification to the Product (e.g. customer applied tints or films, paint finishes, security systems). • Any cause beyond the reasonable control of JELD-WEN (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake, other acts of nature, and acts of third parties outside of our control). • Failure to provide an adequate overhang for fiberglass doors; damage caused by extreme temperature buildup where storm doors are present. For general guidelines, see our “Appropriate Protection for Exterior Doors” in our product literature or at; for specific information pertaining to your structure, consult your contractor or other building professional. Continued on next page AURAL I NE® WI NDOWS & PAT I O DOORS | 17

• Improper installation not in conformance with JELD-WEN installation instructions (note: see for current installation instructions); operational problems and problems related to water and/or air infiltration/leaking as a result of improper installation or flaws in building design or construction. • Installation into a condition that exceeds product design standards and/or certified performance specifications and/or is not in compliance with building codes. • Extreme artificial temperature buildup or exposure (e.g., where storm doors/windows are present). • Hardware or inserts that are not provided by us, such as locksets, door handles, strikes, etc. • Condensation or damage as a result of condensation (Note: unless due to insulating glass failure, most condensation problems are related to excessive humidity levels in a structure. Contact a heating/air conditioning specialist for help). • Wood decay in wood components other than of pine species and any components (including pine) that come in direct contact with soil. Note: superficial mold/mildew does not indicate wood decay. JELD-WEN is also not liable for: • Glass breakage (except as covered above). • Screen damage due to normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, or insect or animal activity. • Slight expansion or contraction due to varying environmental conditions; slab movement (shrinkage or swelling) of 1/4” or less due to temperature and humidity, consult the Homeowner’s Manual on how to work with this natural movement. • Slight imperfections or wavy distortions in the glass that don’t impair structural integrity. Note: wavy distortions in the glass (e.g. related to laminate interlayer or heat strengthening of glass) are not considered a defect. Slight color variations in glass are not considered a defect. • Hairline cracks in factory-applied finishes; surface cracks that do not compromise the underlying material are not a defect. • Damage or distortion to other property, including but not limited to, vinyl siding, building components or landscaping caused in whole or in part by reflection of light or heat from JELD-WEN windows or doors. • Product or component performance decline due to aging, inert gas dissipation, natural processes or failure to provide proper maintenance. Note: Other than inert gas loss due to seal failure, the migration of an inert gas, such as argon, is a natural process that occurs over time and is not a defect. • Repairs on product not accessible by road; travel costs related to repairs on product located more than 125 miles/200 kilometers from an authorized dealer; providing, assembling, or dismantling scaffolding, lifts, or other specialized equipment. • Labor and materials for repainting or refinishing activities or the removal or disposal of defective product(s); labor exceeding the time periods specified above. • Incidental or consequential damage. Some states/provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this may not apply to you. Important Legal Information -- Please read this carefully. It affects your rights. This Limited Warranty document sets forth our maximum liability for our products. We shall not be liable for special, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages. Your sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any and all losses or damages resulting from any cause whatsoever shall be as specified above. We make no other warranty or guarantee, either express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose to the original purchaser or to any subsequent user of the Product, except as expressly contained herein. In the event state or provincial law precludes exclusion or limitation of implied warranties, the duration of any such warranties shall be no longer than, and the time and manner of presenting any claim thereon shall be the same as, that provided in the express warranty stated herein. This Limited Warranty document gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from state/province to state/province. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this warranty, any alleged breach thereof, or the use or sale of the products to which this warranty applies shall be resolved by mandatory and binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its commercial arbitration rules. Any ensuing arbitration will be venued in Charlotte, North Carolina. Original purchaser agrees that they may assert claims against JELD-WEN in their individual capacity only, and not as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class action proceeding. This warranty shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of North Carolina (excluding North Carolina’s conflict of laws principles). If any provision of this warranty is deemed illegal or unenforceable in a judicial proceeding, that provision shall be severed and excluded, and the remainder of this warranty shall continue in force. Rejection of these dispute resolution provisions must be sent to JELD-WEN at the address provided herein within thirty (30) days of original purchaser’s receipt of the Products to which this warranty applies. No distributor, dealer or representative of JELD-WEN has the authority to change, modify or expand this warranty. The original purchaser of this Product acknowledges that they have read this warranty, understand it and are bound by its terms and agrees to provide this warranty to the original owner of the structure into which the Product is installed. 1 “JELD-WEN Products” shall refer to window and patio door products (except United Collection products) manufactured in the United States and/or Canada and marketed under the JELD-WEN brand name for use in the United States and/or Canada. See our separate United Collection warranty, or our Export Warranty for applicable coverage on products used outside the United States and Canada. 2 “Skilled labor” refers to tasks where specialized technical knowledge, experience, methods or tools are required to properly identify, diagnose and/or correct product-related issues. 3 “Chalking” of the exterior finish is not a defect unless it exceeds a numerical rating of eight (8) when measured in accordance with the standard procedures specified in ASTM D4214. Fading or changing in color of the exterior finish is not a defect unless it exceeds five (5) E units, calculated in accordance with ASTM D2244, paragraph 6.2. Color change shall be measured on an exposed area of finish that has been cleaned of surface soils and chalk, and the corresponding values measured on the original or unexposed area of finish. Fading or color changes may not be uniform if the surfaces are not equally exposed to the sun and elements. If the above ASTM standards change, the standard in effect at the time of purchase applies. As an option to replacement, we may choose to refinish the product. © 2019 JELD-WEN, inc. | JELD-WEN, AuraLast, and ImpactGard are registered trademarks of JELD-WEN, inc. 18 | J ELD -WEN .COM

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